Brett Marcel

Beginning at age eight Brett Marcel (b. 1986, Manchester, NH) underwent formal art training. As a Catholic school student in his youth he was heavily influenced by iconic religious art, and later by the abstract geometric mandalas seen in alchemical and Buddhist works. As a young adult, Brett’s journey in drug counterculture further affected his work in a spiritual psychedelic direction building upon the religious influences of his youth. Marcel received his BFA (Painting and Printmaking) and MFA (Visual Arts) from the New Hampshire Institute of Art (New Hampshire) and has exhibited in New Hampshire, New York, and Seattle.

Brett’s work is featured in ‘Miners in the Rabbit Hole’ on view October 13-29, 2023.

“For me, largely as a result of my own shamanic experiences, any sign or symbol is imbued with transformative meaning. The alchemical permeates our surroundings and any sign has the innate power to be utilized didactically. In the same stride as traditional alchemical and esoteric art, the tarot deck, for instance, provides us with a meta-technology. Its utility can be a spiritual navigational interface to guide us at pivotal points of our lives, or a tool to assist in the visualization of one’s development. I aspire for my work to hold a furious optimism for the future. It serves as an invitation for people to develop their own modes of visualization, realize their potential for growth, and to engage in the world in a transformative way.”

Brett Marcel

See Saw Art is a 120 square foot exhibition space located within Mosaic Art Collective at 66 Hanover Street, Suite 201, in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Owned and operated by Rochester Museum of Fine Arts co-founder, Amy Regan, See Saw Art features invitational and open call exhibitions on a monthly basis.

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