• Heat Wave

    ‘Heat Wave’ features Marjorie Williams, Bréa Corcoran, Elizabeth Melnyczuk, and Daniel Freaker. Reception: Saturday, February 10 from 4-8pm On view: February 10 – 25, 2024 All works will be available […]

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  • Push Pull

    ‘Push Pull’ features works by Jane Cohen, Tracy Hayes, and Dave Pettengill. Reception: Saturday, January 13, 4-8pm On view: January 13 – 28, 2023 Visiting Information Install Views

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  • Wish List

    ‘Wish List’ features collections by Susan Schwake, Michele Johnsen, Sarah Odens, and Dave Coté. Alongside these collections, ‘Wish List’ includes one work by each artist in the Special Selections. These […]

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  • Solid Gold

    ‘Solid Gold’ features work by Tara Lewis, Shaina Gates, and Matt Wyatt. Reception: Saturday, November 11, 4-8pm On view: November 11 – 26, 2023 Visiting Information

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  • Miners in the Rabbit Hole

    ‘Miners in the Rabbit Hole’ features work by Brett Marcel and Derek Ford. Reception: Friday, October 13, 5:30-9pm On view: October 13-29, 2023 Visiting Information Installation Views

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  • Infinite Realms

    ‘Infinite Realms’ features work by Shiao-Ping Wang, Daniela Flint, Carla Giordano, and Melissa Kurtz. Reception: Saturday, September 16, 4-8pm On view: September 9-October 1, 2023 Visiting Information Installation Views

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  • Critical Mass

    ‘Critical Mass’ is an open call, salon style exhibition that features artworks submitted by the artist and curated by See Saw Art’s owner, Amy Regan. A critical mass is the […]

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  • Another Dimension

    ‘Another Dimension’ features Julie K. Gray, Miles Warner, Jimmy Viera, and Zach Tinker. Reception: Saturday, July 8, 4-8pm On view: July 8-30, 2023 Visiting Information Installation Views

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  • Within Without

    ‘Within Without’ features Raquel P Miller, Michelle Fidelis Blandina, Michael Andrew Phillips, and Nate Luce Reception: Saturday, June 10, 4-8pm On view: June 10-25, 2023 Visiting Information Installation Views

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  • Perspectives in Light

    ‘Perspectives in Light’ features Bev Conway, Claudia Rippee, and Gary Samson. Reception: Saturday, May 13 from 4-8pm On view: May 13-28, 2023 Visiting Information Installation Views

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  • Mayhew & the Early Works

    Mayhew & the Early Works Special exhibition in collaboration with the Mayhew Program, on view April 4, 2023 from 2-6pm. “A painting to me is primarily a verb, not a […]

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  • Vision Quest

    ‘Vision Quest’ features Trust in She, Teddy Paredes, Steve Gendron, and Evan Court. Reception: Saturday, April 8 from 4-8pm On view: April 8-30, 2023 Visiting Information Installation Views

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See Saw Art is a 120 square foot exhibition space located within Mosaic Art Collective at 66 Hanover Street, Suite 201, in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Owned and operated by Rochester Museum of Fine Arts co-founder, Amy Regan, See Saw Art features invitational and open call exhibitions on a monthly basis.

View open hours or book a viewing. Have a question? Email amy@seesaw.gallery and ask!

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