Cassia (b. 1985, Exeter, RI) is a self-taught artist specializing in abstract & surreal spacescapes and whimsical cat art. Her favorite mediums are hi flow acrylic paint and acrylics inks, but she also uses watercolor, gouache, alcohol inks and dry mediums like charcoal and pastels on occasion. Bright, vivid colors make up most of her color pallet to promote and summon a joyful, even childlike emotional response. Her style is nuanced by pop-surrealism and by nature. She often describes her flow of work as a Spotify playlist on shuffle: you never know what you might see next!

Cassia’s work was featured in ‘Critical Mass,’ on view August 12-27, 2023.

“When I heard of Critical Mass, my mind immediately jumped to all the cats I’ve had that loved sitting and sleeping in the tiniest of spaces-often ruining my shoe and puzzle boxes. I love cat antics-they make me chuckle and help keep me sane.”

Cassia’s work was featured in ‘Glad You Asked,’ on view March 11-26, 2023.

“Color delights and painting is my passion…the oxygen to my creative lungs. Inspiration for my work comes from precious moments spent with my cat and overly fantastical and vivid dreams.”


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