Chris D’Amore

Chris D’Amore’s (b. 1988, Massachusetts) curiosity about less traveled paths guides his photographs. Raised in Northern Massachusetts and residing in Dover, New Hampshire, Chris’ photographs are informed by the eclectic region of New England from the vast landscapes of the Appalachian Mountains to the bustling urban communities sprinkled throughout. Drawing on inspiration from the Northeast, he seeks familiarity in his travels throughout the world. His penchant for antique film cameras was sparked by a hand-me-down camera his grandparents had purchased when his father was born. While some would be dissuaded by the technical limitations of these antiquated tools, he embraces them. Slowing down his artistic process, he remains in the moment. The finite number of frames per roll emphasizes the importance of contemplating his subjects and making a connection with them.

His work has been shown recently at the Panopticon Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts, the Katzman Contemporary Gallery in Dover, New Hampshire, the Aplomb Gallery in Dover, New Hampshire, the Somerville Toy Camera Festival in Somerville, Massachusetts, and The Art Center in Dover, New Hampshire. He was the featured photographer for What Goes On Back There?, a documentary project funded by the City of Cambridge’s Small Business Challenge grant and has self-published several works, including Lost Memory magazine.

Chris’ work was featured in ‘Critical Mass,’ on view August 12-27, 2023.

“One of those moments where an accidental double exposure turns out to be an interesting composition.”

Chris’ work was featured in ‘All Together Now,’ on view February 11-26, 2023.

“Carrying a camera with you wherever you go can pay off, even if it’s just when you’re stopping for gas.”

Chris D’Amore

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