Daniela Flint

Daniela Andriana De Rodrigues Flint (b. 1994, Boston, MA) was born to an American mother and a Brazilian father, she lived a life with both cultures. She received her Bachelors degree in painting from Maine College of Art. Her practice challenges the viewer to compare the emotional, fiscal, decorative and utilitarian value of an object. Daniela continues her practice in Dallas, Texas.

Daniela’s work is featured in ‘Infinite Realms,’ on view September 9-October 1, 2023.

“My studio practice studies how our perceptions of value are developed and manipulated by outside influences. I theorize there are four conceptual notions of value; emotional connection, established fiscal worth, decorative value and utilitarian benefit. An individual’s personal preference also affects their perception of value. I further my practice by studying how images and motifs from my psyche affect my personal perception of value. As a Brazilian American, it has taken an immense effort to live within multiple cultures, and as a result, this has influenced my perception of value. I use products and motifs that hold value to me from both cultures to express my feelings towards authorship and cultural dualism.”

Daniela’s work was featured in ‘All Together Now,’ on view February 11-26, 2023.

“The painting “Untitled” is the first example of my use of two images juxtaposed together in a painting. I created this piece out of the desire to utilize a found photograph. The photograph was given to me by my 2D art professor, and was first given to her by a friend who had lived in Japan during the 1980’s; it was one of many that was taken during his modeling career. In the wake of his recent death she had inherited a box of photographs and magazines that had acclimated from his modeling career. My professor viewed these items as collage fodder while I reflected on the labor it took for the man in the picture to build his modeling career. This furthered my decision to paint the photograph rather than collage it, so the original source would not be damaged. I juxtaposed this image with a simple geometric pattern that abstractly references quiltmaking.”

Daniela Flint

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