Hannah Jane Cole Dahar

Hannah Jane Cole Dahar (b. 1972, Manchester, NH) is a multi-disciplinary artist and teacher that lives in New Hampshire. As a child she spent many a day with her father at his monument shop and cemeteries throughout northern New England. She lived in 2 haunted houses and devoured books of myths and fairy tales which fueled her overactive imagination and morbid sense of humor.

Hannah’s artwork is rooted in personal experiences, nature’s wonders, and the exploration of the mystical and magical aspects of life. She has a deep love for the mysterious, strange, and beautiful. Each morning on her walk she collects little marvels of nature and incorporates them into her artwork and ritual practice. She believes everything done with intent holds power as long as you believe it does.

Hannah’s work was featured in ‘Critical Mass,’ on view August 12-27, 2023.

“The landscape created by the sleeper has similar patterns to the sleeping mind. Fabric holds memory of its disturbance whether the figure is present or whether it is the remnants of a careless shuffling and piling. The accidental folds and creases, overlapping of textures and the way in which light catches the scene is a fleeting moment that is common within the confines of an intimate setting, but rarely witnessed by outsiders. I revisit these moments and project my personal visual observation with my perception of what is/was taking place within the landscape by layering paint that breaks through, merges or stays uncovered. Decisions are made with each recalling and retelling of the image. Dreams layered upon dreams.”

Hannah Jane Cole Dahar

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