Matt Pidgeon, Everything Changes, Acrylic, oil, enamel, LEGO brick on canvas, 48 x 36 inches, 2022, $1500 Detail 02

Matt Pidgeon

Matt Pidgeon is an expressionist painter living in New Hampshire and has been creating geometric conversation pieces since 2003. His mediums include acrylic, oil, and enamel paints on canvas. Some of matts most recent installations focus on dropped or raised additions or surface alterations which add subtle changes when viewed close, drawing the the viewer in to engage. The materials used in these installations add a newer vision to Matt’s work, putting a new twist on an old style of geometric art.

“I enjoy creating works that feel very mechanical in nature. Many moving parts, spaces and shapes that come from another place that you can’t see, a controlled chaos. Ive recently incorporated ink and raised block tiles into my work to enhance the surface, giving a new view to already complicated body of work. I’m always looking for that next idea, chasing unicorns, and always trying to be different.”

Matt’s work was featured in ‘The Locals,’ on view September 10 – October 9, 2022.

Learn more at and follow Matt @pidgeon_matt.

Matt Pidgeon

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