Michelle Fidelis Blandina

Michelle Fidelis Blandina (b. 1986) is a native New Hampshire oil painter and printmaker currently working out of Chases Garage Artist Studios in York, ME. She received her BFA in Illustration from the New Hampshire Institute of Art with a focus in figure painting and printmaking. She draws inspiration from family, friends, and patterns from their personal effects. Focusing on the darkness that resides within each of us, she works to bring light to these “imperfections”. Her hope is to attract some curiosity as to why and how it/they came to be. She currently resides in Southern Maine with her husband and son.

“This series is an emotional unpacking of the wake left behind from the sudden loss of a
fellow artist and friend. It focuses on the juxtaposition of joy during a time of grief. I
played with the idea of lucid dreams. I experimented with translucent imagery,
inspiration drawn from specific landscapes and personal effects to suggest a sort of
surreal state.

I became obsessed and created multiples of some pieces with only slight variations. If I
could expel what I could not forget, I might regain control over my thoughts. It was
important that I recreate each visceral memory of the loss into something
comprehensible or at the very least, sufferable.

During this process I found happiness in each tactile application of paint; and yet
remorse from the weight of her absence. By allowing myself to sink into each stroke in
an attempt of avoidance, I created some solace where none could be found otherwise.”

Michelle’s work was featured in ‘Within Without,’ on view June 10-25, 2023 and ‘All Together Now,’ on view February 11-26, 2023.

Michelle Fidelis Blandina

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