Pepper C. Soledade

Pepper C. Soledade (b. 2000) is an oil painter based in Portland, Maine. Pepper studied at the Maine College of Art & Design and has exhibited at the Buoy Gallery, in Kittery, Maine, the Maine College of Art & Design, the Apohadion Theater, and New Systems Exhibitions, all in Portland, Maine.

“The line between life and living is most clearly seen in human life – conscious and unconscious actions and interactions with the mind, body, self, and others. This idea is the basis of my practice. I spent the early part of my life listening rather than talking, observing rather than interacting. I have grown to realize that this part of my personality is what draws me to explore the extents of human emotion and interaction. It is impossible to truly understand the thought process of other people, and it is impossible to have the same interaction more than once. Through negative space and deformed humanistic figures, I try to create an inviting yet uncomfortable atmosphere around my work. I use this atmosphere to play with the viewer – depicting dark scenes with approachable colors. I am drawn to exploring interpersonal relationships and power dynamics using the body in many forms to expose the viewer to a diversity of interactions between the subjects. In some cases, the body is used as a vessel for emotion rather than a living entity. My inspiration comes from personal experience, stories passed on from those close to me, and conversations with strangers. Every human experience is intriguing, and every human interaction has an embedded hierarchy.”

Pepper’s work was featured in ‘All Together Now,’ on view February 11-26, 2023.

“‘Old Friends’ is about someone who comes back from your past, hesitant, and even though there is a strong connection to this person, there are unspoken barriers.

‘Well No’ is based on unwanted thoughts and how old mindsets do not go away, but instead become a lingering shadow.”

Pepper C. Soledade

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