Raquel P Miller

Raquel P Miller (b. 1995, Cuenca, Ecuador) is an emerging artist from Biddeford, Maine. She is focused on using her art as a mode of expression and developing a visual language of her own. From painting to drawing, her work is focused on the confrontations and expressions of identity, experiences, and emotions. She received a BA in English with minors in Studio Art and Spanish from the University of Southern Maine in 2017. She was the recipient of a 2022 BIPOC Fellowship at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, and in 2023 was awarded a residency at SPACE Gallery’s Residency Room in Portland, Maine. Raquel is the recipient of the David C. Driskell Fellowship and Residency at Black Seed Studio awarded by Indigo Arts Alliance, and scheduled for 2024. Her work has been displayed online, in New York at Collarworks (Troy), Deanna Evans Projects (NYC), and throughout Southern Maine at the Harlow, the Buoy Gallery, New System Exhibitions, Alice Gauvin Gallery, and Engine.

“Through painting, I am longing to communicate through my work and longing for my work to communicate back to me. A vine-like form started to appear in my sketchbooks in 2019. Like an expression of my emotions, a reflection of my fears, a witness to my life, this form came to represent longing. For what? For change, for growth, to revisit my past, memories, my dreams, my desires and hopes for my future. This longing started in a place of isolation and loneliness, but it led me back and forth as I tried and failed, and tried again to seek out beauty and understanding of myself. It represents an abstract space–a distance between myself, my past, my future, and dreams. It’s a piece of me that has grown and led me through life and loss, filled the space in the nighttime like arms outstretched to the sky, reaching for the ones I love in the stars. This form has grounded me and grown with me as I move through life, through grief, through change–some I wished for and some I did not.”

Raquel’s work was featured in ‘Within Without’ on view June 10-25, 2023.

Raquel P Miller

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