Shyla Hazen

Shyla Hazen (b. 1970, Deerfield, NH) is a New Hampshire-based artist who works in paper, printmaking, and origami. Hazen received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2019 from the New Hampshire Institute of Art and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree. 

“I am an environment enhancer. My intention is for people to look at my work and become immersed, to discover their own memories and feelings. My imagery comes from my own emotions, memories and social convictions. I’d like those memories to be what drives and inspires both myself and my viewer. I reside in Allenstown and work in Concord, NH as a hairstylist as well as from home as a dispatcher for a plumbing and heating company (my favorite part of my normal job is the inside view of the houses that I imagine from the outside-shhh don’t tell anyone) I live in my house with two of my grown adults, two grandchildren, two dogs and my angry cat.

“My work is exploring home and memory. While home is thought of as a place of comfort and refuge some think of home as simply a resting place. We can have many homes. I have my own home and I call my mothers’ house home. Others are nomadic and don’t have a set home. Memory plays a role in our ideas of home and what that perception is. Not all memories in my work are mine, they are narratives that have been woven into my understanding of self.”

Shyla’s work was featured in ‘Critical Mass,’ on view August 12-27, 2023.

“Energy within and without a building”

Shyla is also See Saw Art’s resident paper floral artist. She creates these forever flowers masterfully and they are always available for purchase or commissions.

Shyla’s work was featured in ‘Glad You Asked,’ on view March 11-26, 2023.

“A piece about knowing where everyone was.”

Shyla Hazen

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