Steve Gendron

Steve Gendron (b. 1980) is an artist based in Portland, Maine. In addition to his full time tile business, he is an accomplished and prolific artist. Steve finds much of his original inspiration from skate culture and art, but later on introducing elements of cubism. While his background is largely in comic book illustration, the majority of his work showcases childhood influences from pop culture, skate culture, graffiti, and classic art.

His work typically references things deeply personal, yet presented in a way that is simultaneously pop and also full of nuance. From comic book work to skate decks, Steve’s unique perspective is showcased effortlessly through his expressive lines and vibrant work.

“I love odd things and unique people. This grouping of art is images I created based on photos or stills of things that stuck with me due to their odd nature. Things that wouldn’t leave my brain until I drew or painted them.”

Steve’s work was featured in ‘Vision Quest,’ on view April 8-30, 2023.

Steve Gendron

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