Susan Schwake

Susan Schwake (b. 1957) is art educator, author of seven books -including bestselling “Art Lab for Kids” series published in 9 languages and first and foremost a mixed media artist. She uses (but doesn’t limit herself to) acrylic paint, inks, pastels and cut paper collage elements in her painting and printmaking.

Her formal education was in both Art Education and Studio art at Plymouth State University. Her dedication to a daily art process/practice, expanding her horizons through traveling and learning from other artists has led her thus far.

“Working everyday in my studio satisfies my curiosity for the “what if” part of my creative practice. Abstract images form through memories of places or a sense of time/event then emerge from color. Most of my subjects range from landscapes and figurative both in natural or composite forms to non-representational abstract.

My daily art making practice gives me the freedom to experiment fully and allowing me to create something meaningful.”

Susan’s work was featured ‘Wish List’ on view December 9-22, 2023.

“For me, color rules my world.”

Susan’s work was featured in ‘Critical Mass,’ on view August 12-27, 2023.

“Part of my latest painting series is comprised of symbols representing the loss of life and way of life as we know it, for humans around the world in 2023.”

Susan’s work was featured in ‘All Together Now,’ on view February 11-26, 2023.

“Bird in the Hand is part of an ongoing series of monoprints exploring subject through color and shape with equal measure.”

Susan Schwake

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Owned and operated by Rochester Museum of Fine Arts co-founder, Amy Regan, See Saw Art features invitational and open call exhibitions on a monthly basis.

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