Zachary DeWitt

Zachary DeWitt (b. 1993, Barrington, New Hampshire) is an artist based in Goffstown, NH. He is currently engaging with the figure and landscape in relation to reprocessing personal memory. As a mental health counselor, it was crucial to contend with my own past as much as my clients do in session. These paintings serve as visual journal entries as a means to process the present and the past.

Zachary’s work was featured in ‘Clear Cut,’ on view May 11-26, 2024.

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Zachary DeWitt’s current body of work present as and exploration of landscapes from around his childhood home in Barrington, New Hampshire. These works serve as visual journal entries, ruminating on the past, present, and future simultaneously.

Topics range from the reparenting of the inner child, the role of nostalgia, and the impact of color on mood. The intention is to capture a fine balance between the personal and interpersonal: specific and intentional subject matters that are abstracted in a general, relatable manner.

The hope is for the works both formal and expressive, conceptual qualities to impact the viewer in a similar way, as a means to take a hold space and reflect on their own senses of home, nature, and childhood.

Zachary’s work was featured in ‘Critical Mass,’ on view August 12-27, 2023.

“This painting reflects on moments of levity taken throughout my life by a lake.”

Zachary DeWitt

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