I Dropped Out of High School by Jen Drociak


I Dropped Out of High School

Growing up, Milicent was always praised for her beauty but never her intellect even though she was remarkably smart. She particularly enjoyed mathematics and wanted to become an engineer or an architect. However, she was convinced that these were men’s jobs, and she should capitalize on her beauty while she’s “still got it”. As such, she dropped out of high school and joined the pageant circle. After winning several local and regional pageants, Millicent packed a suitcase, boarded a train, and moved to Pleasantville to attempt to become a cover girl or a film star in the nearby big city. When she arrived, talent agencies told her she was cute, but before they could sign her, urged her to dye her hair blonde, get a nose job, and lose a few pounds.

Found images on paper

Matted to 11 x 14 inches


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