LOOK. I’m Particular. Get Lost by Jen Drociak


LOOK. I’m Particular. Get Lost

Stella had been in a handful long-term relationships during her adult life, but always found herself involved with men who would never fully commit to her. When she examined the psychology about these situations she would repetitively involve herself in, she realized she has poor self esteem and has settled for men who feed her breadcrumbs of affection and are emotionally and psychologically abusive to her. She figures she must deserve what she’s received thus far. However, since she is growing older and wiser, and even though she fears being alone in life has decided to hold herself and her partners to higher standards. As such, she decided to be particular and not simply settle for any man who showed her attention. Her self-confidence is already improving as she is learning to love and respect herself and put herself first, for once.

Found images on paper


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