When Things Took a Turn for the Worse by Jen Drociak


When Things Took a Turn for the Worse

Months later when Mark started to retreat from Tina, both emotionally and physically, she grew despondent. She thought once Betty was out of the picture, Mark would be hers. She truly believed Mark was in an unhappy marriage and wanted to be with her. That’s what Mark led to her to believe, anyway. But that was not the case, as he just used her to satisfy his own ego and desires. Over time, Tina became so depressed at the lack of Mark’s attention and began to feel guilty about Betty’s murder, she swallowed a handful of sedatives, washed it down with ½ a bottle of bourbon one night before bedtime, and never regained consciousness. Three days later, when the Pleasantville police were called to the house by a neighbor for a “wellness check”, Tina was declared dead on the scene.

Found images on paper

Matted to 11 x 14 inches


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