See Saw Art Previously Exhibited Artist Exhibition Agreement – July

Please fill out this form and agree to See Saw Art terms and to ensure I have all the necessary information to promote and market your work.
See Saw Art July 2024 Exhibition
Exhibition Agreement filled out by: June 30
Artwork received by: July 7
Exhibition on view: July 13-28, 2024
Reception: Saturday, July 13, 4-8pm
Artwork ready for pickup / shipping: August 1
There is a Save and Continue Later button at the end if that helps.
Amy’s phone number is 603-952-1726 if you need it!

This agreement is entered into on the date below, by and between See Saw Art and the Artist/Lender:
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Article I – Artist/Lender Information

Image file names should be formatted as so: ID number, Artist Name, Piece Title, Medium, Dimensions in inches, Year created, Price i.e. 01 Amy Regan, Sunset Lake, Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20 inches, 2022, $60. Please share at least 1 image for pre-install promotion. The artwork image(s) you share do not have to be what you ultimately end up exhibiting, just great examples of your style and work. Images can also be emailed to If you have already shared images, no need to fill this out.
Pricing Discounts(Required)
In an effort to make a sale, what percentage off are you comfortable with? This percentage will be split 50/50 with the artist and See Saw Art and only shared with serious buyers, never advertised as a ‘sale.’
One paragraph is best!
Artwork Delivery(Required)
Artwork must be received by Sunday, July 7.
To drop off at See Saw Art please book an appointment here
For shipping, Amy will send you the shipping address.
Would you like to schedule an Artist Talk via Livestream during the exhibition?
Typically, about a half hour discussion about your work and artistic practice. Amy will join from the gallery and share examples of your work.
If yes, please choose at least two dates that would work for you.
Artist Talks happen via Instagram Live on @see.saw.art_ and typically start at 7:30pm est on the weekdays and 4:30pm est on the weekends. You will be notified as soon as possible of your date. You will be sent the questions Amy will ask you prior to the talk, typically, questions about the works on view, your medium, studio practice, upcoming shows / what you are working on next, and how to keep up with you.
If none of these dates work, please add two dates that do work for you here. Also, if you have any additional questions about the Artist Talk, please add them here.
Anything else that may be relevant to know

Gallery Floor Plan

Article II – General Requirements

  1. See Saw Art retains a 30% commission on all artwork sales. Artists will be mailed payment via check no later than one week of exhibition close.
  2. All artwork must be for sale.
  3. The sale price is determined by the artist and should include the 30% See Saw Art commission.
  4. Shipping/Handling costs: Shipping to See Saw Art will be paid by the Artist/Lender and See Saw Art will fund return shipping for any works that do not sell. Exhibitions requiring multiple shipping boxes should be labeled on the outside in order to identify which boxes fit certain pieces in order to properly return Artwork(s) safely.

Article III – Rejection / Exhibition Dates

  1. See Saw Art reserves the right to reject accepted work that differs significantly from the submitted images, or is inadequately prepared for installation.
  2. See Saw Art reserves the right not to exhibit a work selected by a Guest Juror for any reason without explanation.
  3. The term of the exhibition begins when the Artwork(s) are delivered to See Saw Art, and shall run through the agreed upon Exhibit end date, plus a period of no longer than seven business days for the Artwork(s) to be reclaimed by the Artist/Lender.
  4. ALL Artwork(s) must be removed on the day and time as scheduled. See Saw Art does NOT have any proper or secure storage space available.
  5. See Saw Art has the absolute right, in its sole discretion, to remove or to relocate any Property. See Saw Art acknowledges, however, that it must inform the Property Owner(s) of any such change within 48 hours.
  6. I agree that I will have a period of no longer than seven business days to remove any and all property from the exhibition location if either the Artist/Lender or See Saw Art chooses to terminate the exhibition before the specified exhibit end date.

Article IV – Waiver

  1. I acknowledge that my property, including, without limitation, any art or other items on display (collectively to be known as the “Property”) may be damaged, lost or stolen during the exhibition of or during the unpacking, packing or transportation of and I acknowledge and understand the risk involved by allowing such property to be displayed by See Saw Art.
  2. I understand that See Saw Art does not insure the Property in the borrowed works gallery and if I so choose I must acquire my own insurance. If I so choose such Insurance, I agree to submit a copy to See Saw Art as well as an up-to-date “condition” report of all included pieces.
  3. See Saw Art reserves the right to use images of the Artwork(s) for educational and promotional purposes including but not limited to newspaper, television, and internet.
  4. By signing this waiver, I hereby agree to indemnify and hold See Saw Art employees/volunteers or designated representatives, harmless from any type of intellectual property infringement, including but not limited to patent, copyright or trademark infringement.
  5. By signing this waiver, I also agree to waive any personal injury or property damage claim, now or in the future, that I may suffer as a result of the “exhibition”, and I agree to indemnify and hold See Saw Art, its employees/volunteers and designated representatives, harmless from any personal injury or property damage claim, now or in the future, that I may suffer or cause at the “exhibition”.

See Saw Art is a 120 square foot exhibition space located within Mosaic Art Collective at 66 Hanover Street, Suite 201, in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Owned and operated by Rochester Museum of Fine Arts co-founder, Amy Regan, See Saw Art features invitational and open call exhibitions on a monthly basis.

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