Do You Dream? by Jen Drociak


Do You Dream?

Lauren is a light sleeper, battles insomnia, and is routinely awakened by her vivid and nonsensical dreams every night which she writes down in a journal kept on her bedside table. Her light sleep is interrupted so many times a night, however, that she is constantly exhausted. As such, she has opted for a sleep study test by a neurologist in the city. The results were somewhat inconclusive, but it was determined that, on average, she awakens approximately 6 times an hour, or 48 times a night, most times without her even being cognizant of it. The doctor says she “has an overactive brain” and prescribed a new drug called diazepam to help her sleep. She is worried about growing tolerance and dependence to this if she takes it every night, but her doctor assures her that certainly won’t happen.

Found images on paper

Matted to 11 x 14 inches


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