Go Ahead, Look by Jen Drociak

Go Ahead, Look

Rumor had it that Autumn and Stephanie were more than simply friends who were housemates but were also lovers. No one in Pleasantville, it seemed, had ever known a lesbian. To the neighbors, Autum and Stephanie didn’t “look” like lesbians. They both looked “feminine”, and not at “butch” as some would say. One afternoon during neighborhood “teatime” (martinis, before their children and spouses returned) one of the women asked Autumn and Stephanie if they were lesbians, to which they confirmed. Another woman asked how two women have “sex”. Stephanie leaned over to Autumn, kissed her passionately on the lips, replied “just like anyone else”, and winked. Autumn furthered “but we like it rough!” and laughed.

Found images on paper

Matted to 11 x 14 inches


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This artwork is no longer on view but may be available. Email amy@seesaw.gallery  to inquire.