It All Started When… by Jen Drociak


It All Started When…

Wendy was known as “the fun one” in her Pleasantville neighborhood, but she was unwed and without children which made people raise an eyebrow. Why isn’t she married? Why doesn’t she have children? Why is she wasting her life like this being a “spinster?” some would whisper in town behind her back. Wendy also taught private karate lessons, which some thought was odd. However, “karate” was the umbrella term for self-defense classes she taught women, as women were always taught never to walk alone, to always be aware of their surroundings, to carry a whistle, and walk with their keys in between their fingers in case they were mugged or attempted to be kidnapped. One day when a couple of neighborhood high school graduates (which she still called “kids” since they were under 21) knocked on her door asking if she could show them a few karate moves, that was not all she showed them after she put on a few records to dance to and drew the blinds.

Found images on paper

Matted to 11 x 14 inches


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