Baked Potato Baby by Jen Drociak


Baked Potato Baby

Joan has four children: Joseph, Mary, Rebecca, and Ruth. Seeing that she hasn’t had a child in five years, she believed she was infertile. However, God granted her another pregnancy and she felt blessed. Unfortunately, Joan’s doctor informed her that carrying the pregnancy to term would carry certain risks to her health, and neonatal tests and sonograms confirmed the infant would be born with severe birth defects and would likely die shortly after birth. Being a Christian woman, Joan would never think of terminating her pregnancy, despite the risks to her or the infant’s health. The infant, whom she named Rachel, was born prematurely. Instead of placing her in an incubator, the doctor wrapped her in heat foil. Rachel became known as the “Baked-Potato Baby” not only in Pleasantville but the country. Sadly, Rachel succumbed to her birth defects a few months later.

Found images on paper

Matted to 11 x 14 inches


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